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No matter what your industry, Slack can transform how you work and collaborate. Robots & Pencils can help you drive even greater efficiency with Slack apps and workflows designed specifically for your business needs. Since 2014, we’ve been creating Slack solutions that make work faster and easier. Our world-class software engineers are the talented minds who first brought you the bot hosting platform Beep Boop and then transitioned it into the workflow tool Missions, acquired by Slack in 2018 and now known as Workflow Builder. From Slack Power Start services to a smart Q&A engine, Robots & Pencils has the tools, experience and expertise to improve how you Slack.

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Create Custom Workflows in Slack, No Coding Required

From enterprises to startups, companies around the globe are using Missions (now live in Slack as Workflow Builder) to work smarter in Slack. Created as our first FunLabs project, Missions allows anyone to craft their own complex workflows to coordinate activities between people, saving employees time and energy.

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Automating common tasks in Slack
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Our Services
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A Smart Q&A Engine

Newt, our intelligent Q&A product, is in live beta and ready to be added to your Slack. Using natural language processing and advanced search technology, this smart Slack bot can pull information from your knowledge base systems to simplify onboarding, training and support across your company.

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Slack Power Start

We’ll help you identify and build quick-win use cases inside your workspace while showing your organization how to unlock the potential of Slack. Partner with us to ignite cross-team collaboration, increase information sharing, build company culture in Slack, and accelerate ROI on every project.

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Custom Slack Solutions

Your Slack integrations, apps and workflows should be as unique as your company. Our custom solutions drive automation and efficiency by bringing key data and system processes into Slack. With Slack Directory Apps, we can also expand your company’s reach with delightful user experiences that boost customer engagement. Whatever your goals, we can help.

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The Simplest Way to Share Files in and out of Slack

Utilizing WeTransfer’s latest file sharing API and the Slack platform, Robots & Pencils built the WeTransfer Slack directory app that lets anyone create a link for any file(s) they upload into Slack. Users can share their files by sharing their custom link in Slack, email or any other workspace. In addition, Robots & Pencils developed WeTransfer’s Chrome and Firefox web extensions.

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File management Slack Directory app
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For sharing big files and big ideas
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Confidential Fortune 500 Company

Nurturing Innovation at One of the World’s Largest Enterprises

Leveraging Slack, Robots & Pencils created a global platform that allows an established network of internal leaders and external innovators to more easily connect. A custom bot now onboards participants into the network, creating a profile for them and introducing them to other participants. A matchmaking feature also allows users to find participants with specified skills and interests.

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Bot-driven onboarding
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Smart matchmaking to boost innovation
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