Our Leadership

We live to create the next big thing.
Michael Sikorsky
CEO & Co-founder
Tracey Zimmerman
Lisa Knol
SVP of Operations
Dave Aikenhead
VP, Finance
Rita McGrath
R&P Fellow
Ron Boire
R&P Fellow
Camille Ray
Scott Cesen
Account Director
Brad Fagan
Creative Practice Lead
Stephen Gazzard
Mobile Practice Lead
Ted Goddard
Data Science Practice Co-Lead
Tyler Klein
User Experience Practice Lead
Zach Meixner
Project Management Officer
Jen Page
Account Director
Michael Parker
Project Management Practice Lead
Daniel Peter
Salesforce Practice Lead
Cathryne Robinson
Senior Account Manager
Rafael Simon Maia
Data Science Practice Co-Lead
Aaron Slater
Account Manager
Aaron Slepecky
Account Director
Ruby Smalley
Business Transformation Practice Lead
Jason Tate
Managing Director, Client Services
Clare Tyson
Senior Account Manager
Andy Wright
Web/Server Practice Lead
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