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Trusted strategic partner to some of the world's best brands.

We've helped 175+ clients reach 77 million people worldwide with innovative solutions.
Our Work

Human-first. Mobile-ready.

We reinforce our clients as leaders in their fields by creating early and competitive advantages.

Among the first in the world to launch an Apple Watch app, WestJet continues to stay ahead of the curve offering their on-the-go customers a paper-free travel experience. Their top-ranking iPhone and iPad app is used by millions of guests throughout their travel journey. It gives instant access to the information guests need, making booking, accessing trip details, and using inflight entertainment easier than ever before.

top-ranking icon Top-ranking app
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2017 Best Airline In CanadaTripAdvisor

Our strategic partnership with Robots and Pencils has brought our digital vision to life. They continue to challenge conventional standards and boundaries, are keen to share their passion, and provide valuable insight to further the experience provided in our iOS product offerings.

— Karen Kajla, Manager, Mobile Strategy & Emerging Technologies

Breaking down the walls of the brick-and-mortar establishment with disruptive conversational interfaces and bot-driven insights. Robots and Pencils helped create Varo, a personalized, mobile-only banking platform that offers customers proactive feedback, lending products, personal finance analysis and real-time budgeting advice from a 24/7 financial coach -- a chatbot named Val.

Bot icon Bot-driven insights
UI icon Disruptive conversational interfaces
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Varo on a Pixel phone Vary Debit Card

The Robots and Pencils team really pulled out all the stops for us.

— Colin Walsh, CEO and Co-founder, Varo Money
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Built upon the latest technologies in computational linguistics and machine learning, is a conversational analytics assistant that helps access, search and analyze data. This cloud-based software lets users ask questions in their own words and get immediate answers, eliminating the complex, time-consuming and frustrating process of data interaction. Robots and Pencils supported since inception, providing added natural language processing capability, and design and development services.

machine learning icon Leveraging machine learning
language processing icon Natural language processing
Chata on an iPhone
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Robots and Pencils has been a key contributor on our team since the beginning. Their expertise of the NLP ecosystem was important in helping us craft and realize our vision.

— Kelly Cherniwchan, CEO & Co-Founder
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Rolling 20+ paper-based Tailboard forms as well as 70+ technical and operational work documents into one iOS app allowed ENMAX to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce its carbon footprint. Since launching the app, 847,000 hazards have been mitigated, teams are completing mandated Tailboards 2x faster, and ENMAX has saved $15,000 per year in printing costs alone by eliminating the use of 185,000 sheets of paper per year.

trees icon Sheets of paper eliminated annually
worker icon Hazards mitigated
Enmax on an iPhone

What I really appreciated about working with Robots and Pencils was that they took the time to meet with our field team and listen to their concerns. They heard what we needed and came back with something even better than what we had envisioned. They made it very easy.

— Mark Taylor, Director, Field Resource Development
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Everything we do starts by blending the sciences with the humanities,

the Robots with the Pencils.
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Ideas and insights that drive business transformation.
Informed by data intelligence and industry experience, we future-proof organizations by unlocking unknown potential.
strategy callouts: business analysis, user insights, technical strategy, performance analytics, campaign planning
experience callouts: application and web design, information and interaction design, user experience research and testing, visioning, creative design
User interactions that delight and inspire.
With a human-first approach, we create experiences users crave.
Deep platform expertise.
Our industry-leading, in-house talent craft each line of code, delivering on the biggest and boldest ideas.
technology callouts: iOS and Android development, bots and conversational user interfaces, machine learning and natural language processing, fullstack development, CMS customization and integration

We work with global clients across industries

We bring creativity and technology together in new ways to engage, inspire and entertain.

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Our Story

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We embrace a talent-led culture

Our work is driven by our team's desire to be pioneers.

In 2009, we created Robots and Pencils with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet. Turns out we were right.

Today, our thinking is rooted in the belief that, in the age of unprecedented technology acceleration, maintaining a competitive advantage requires new strategies and a focus on innovation.

Our approach has been to create a company designed to follow the talent, allowing us to amass an unfair share of hyper-skilled people who call 
Robots and Pencils home. A team of people who not only develop 
innovative solutions to transform businesses, but also create 
products that have been previously inconceivable.

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