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Discover Entrepreneurship!

Educating 10,000+ students on entrepreneurship




Gamified learning platform for students

Human Need

With a belief that app-based learning could improve comprehension and achievement, the Alberta Distance Learning Centre and GoForth Institute partnered with Robots & Pencils to change the way distance education was delivered and make learning more meaningful, engaging and rewarding.

App shown on iPad
Lemonade Stand

Digital Solution

Canada’s first mobile entrepreneurship course, Discover Entrepreneurship! teaches entrepreneurial theory and skills delivered through gamified content and a simulation of everyone’s first stab at their own business—a lemonade stand. Students explore comprehensive learning materials and authentic business problems and scenarios that become more complex as the course unfolds. Along the way, in-app assessments provide immediate feedback and teachers monitor student progress on the Instructor Dashboard.

Since its launch, Discover Entrepreneurship! has been adapted to meet curriculum requirements at numerous educational institutions, with over 15 apps in production and 13.2 million minutes of run time.

A Far Better Way


94% of students completed the course


78% now consider entrepreneurship a viable career path


13.2 million minutes of total app run time—and counting

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