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Human Need

Today, US women are 50% more likely to die or experience a serious complication in childbirth than their mothers. Low-income and BIPOC women are at the highest risk for poor outcomes, experiencing disproportionately higher rates of premature birth, postpartum depression, and death during childbirth.

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Digital Solution

Built on the Salesforce Experience Cloud, LunaYou is a custom mobile web application designed to empower women to become their own best health advocate during and after pregnancy. Accessible in English and Spanish, LunaYou allows women to:

  • Set health goals and track progress using data from wearable devices
  • Monitor feelings of personal power, social support, respect and equity, and stress management
  • Maintain a journal on their medical appointments and overall wellbeing
  • Connect with other moms for support in the LunaYou communities
  • Easily schedule 1:1 meetings with a personal wellness coach
  • Register for events hosted by wellness coaches
  • Access educational articles on the LunaYou website

With the Salesforce Experience Cloud site implemented on top of the Nonprofit Success Pack, the LunaYou platform utilizes fully custom-built Lightning Web Components to display personal health metric trends and power features like community forums and appointment booking with wellness coaches. Salesforce Shield is used to encrypt and protect data, and Salesforce CMS Connect integrates LunaYou’s blog articles into the app. R&P also developed integrations that allow Salesforce to consume and display data from the women’s wearable health monitoring devices.

A Far Better Way


40+ women have joined the LunaYou pilot program to take charge of their health


7 elements of maternal wellbeing tracked in one easy-to-understand dashboard


6 Salesforce products and custom-built integrations powering the LunaYou platform

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